About the Author

Photo of Chris Ballantyne

Christopher Ballantyne is a speculative fiction writer and author of, The Crystal Realm – Krytor’s Return, which is the first book in the Crystal Realm Trilogy.

He can be contacted at: crystal.realm@yahoo.com.au


Chris was born in Kabiningie, South Australia, which is now just a railway station in the Barossa Valley. Chris was adopted as a child and has a younger sister. Raised in Seacombe Gardens, Chris’ family moved to Glenalta, in the Adelaide Hills, where he spent his primary and high school years.

Chris went to Urrbrae Agricultural High School where he had to write his first important piece of writing, a persuasive two page essay depicting why he wanted to go to that school! He went on to complete a Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing), then received his Bachelor of Nursing from Flinders University. This led onto a Post-Graduate Certificate in Rural Remote Nursing at the University of South Australia. He is currently studying a Masters in Education.

Chris is married, has four children and two grand children. He lives with his wife, Lise, and two of their children in the top end of Australia where he works for the Charles Darwin University as a Lecturer in the School of Nursing. He has spent the last thirteen years in nurse education and, prior to that, worked as a clinical nurse in various parts of outback Australia.

It was while Chris was working as a nurse in the Aboriginal community of Yuendumu that the idea of the Crystal Realm was born. But due to a new addition to the family and a career move to Tasmania, only four chapters were written and the manuscript was shelved until early 2008. Now, after three years of researching and writing, The Crystal Realm – Krytor’s Return is published!

Chris has a great advantage when it comes to editing and proofing his work as Lise has a Diploma in Editing from the Australian College of Journalism. He gives her a chapter and it invariably comes back covered in red marks and ready for a re-write!

Chris has finished writing the second book in the trilogy, “The Crystal Realm–The Lost Manuscripts”, which takes readers deeper into the adventures of Nathan, Delicia, Tsi, Karl and Axel in the world of Thuromest. This book is currently in the editing process, so it will not be long before the second book is ready to be published. The final book, “The Crystal Realm – The Ice Shall Flow” has been outlined with an aimed publication date in 2013.

Chris’s other interests, besides nursing and teaching, are fossicking and gemology, chess, caving, gaming on the PC, and of course reading. His favorite authors are J.R.R Tolkien, Asimov, Heinlein, and Donaldson and anything that is epic! His love for caving and caves of all kinds provided the impetus for the main character’s entry into the fantasy world of the Crystal Realm.

Chris’s hope for those who read his story is that they enjoy the adventure and find themselves lost in the pages of an epic urban fantasy!